Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I'm super excited to go on vacation thanksgiving week. We are all going to Georgia to stay in a cabin for a week. Our family is so in need of a vacation. The kids are excited to be going to another state. Here in Florida it's warm most of the year and were hoping it snows so the kids get to experience snow but even if it doesn't it'll be a fun trip. Lots of fun activities will be done. But having a heart condition I have to take some additional stuff that I would not have had to in the past. I have to bring my scale and blood pressure machine to continue monitoring my vitals. I gotta make sure I bring all of my medicines and not forget them.  I'm bringing my notebook that I'm writing everything down in. I also would normally walk and hike and all that fun stuff with no worries but I have to stay aware of my body and how it is handling everything. We're going up in the mountains so I have to worry about altitude having an affect. I've even heard that colder weather can have an affect on how the dart works so there's so much more to this than just going on vacation. Gotta make sure we know where the closest hospital is "Just in case". But with all this extra worrying I'm gonna have a blast with my family and I can't wait to go!!