Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A great adventure

We got back from our vacation on Sunday.  We had a blast.  It was a great week of family bonding.  The kids loved running around outside and inside.  The house was huge.  Georgia is so beautiful.  We got there after all the fall colors but there were still some trees that had fall colors.  We also went to Tennessee and man, that is where I would love to move too.  The mountains were gorgeous.  I loved just driving and looking at all the pretty scenery.  God sure made an amazing earth! 

The downside?  I got tired and short of breath so quickly.  Throughout the week we climbed a couple hills.  No one else was winded.  I felt like I was gonna pass out I was breathing so hard and doing my best to keep up with everyone but I had to slow down.  That part was not fun.  It is kind of funny that I never realized or recognized that I got so short of breath so quickly before being diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy, but now that I know I have it, I pick up on my symptoms so easily.   I am glad that I did not quit any of the adventures that we went on because I would have missed seeing some amazing sites.  Had I quit I would not have made it to see a double waterfall in Fall Branch Falls in Georgia.  I would have missed a great adventure with my husband and my sons.  I might have to take things slower and more cautiously but I can still do things and I am not going to let this disease hold me back.  I am going to enjoy life and live ever moment to the fullest.