Tuesday, January 14, 2014

ICD Check-up

Had my 1 year ICD checkup last week.  I really dislike the part where they have to speed up my heart.  I can feel it in my throat and it's really scary lol.  This time it took a little bit more energy for them to speed it up and check it.  They think that possibly my lead may have pulled out of my heart just a little bit or some scar tissue formed blocking the lead from being in all the way.  Dr Chae said he is not too concerned with it because it is part of the pacemaker which I don't really need.  It is just a perk of the defibrillator having the pacemaker part.  So he said that they will see me again in 6 months and if they numbers keep changing they will consider replacing it in a few years but he isn't rushing to do so.  If my heart rate drops (which more than likely it won't happen because that is not an issue I'm having) then they will do it sooner.  I don't want another surgery so I'm good with waiting =)  Other than that everything looks good.  I have had no irregular heartbeats, nothing looks out of place.  I thank God for watching out for me!