Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cardio appt 2

Last week I had my second cardiologist appointment. I guess it was a normal one. She listened to my heart and said it sounded good. She wanted to do an echocardiogram so she could see my heart for herself but my insurance wouldn't let her this soon since I had one in hospital two months ago. So she is working on it with them and will call me to come in and do the echo. She upped the dose of my metoprolol this appointment. I guess she is gonna alternate between the two medicines to get up to maximum dose for my body. After she was done the student doctor came in and did the same things. I go to the hospital that is a teaching hospital. I had to go to the doctor by myself as my hubby watched the kids. We couldn't find a babysitter to watch our boys so he could come. I wish he would have. It makes my appointments more comfortable and he's my support. So they want me to come back in three months this time and get the echo sometime before then. They scheduled my appt for valentines day but I think I'm gonna reschedule it for another day.