Monday, April 29, 2013

ICD Follow Up

I am not doing too good at updating this blog.  Maybe there is a subconscious reason for that.  I don't know.  I had my 2 month ICD follow up appointment this month.  Everything looks good.  It feels weird when they have to speed up my heart rate for a couple of seconds.  It is an uncomfortable feeling.  I get anxious when they have to do that.  That is a feeling I don't want to feel on my own, that is for sure.  The doctor looked at my scar and said it is healing okay.  I asked him what that meant.  He said that medically it is healing great.  It is closed fully.  Does not look infected or anything.  He said cosmetically he should have done a better job at closing it.  He told me that he normally does a straight incision, mine is diagonal, and he usually gets it closed better making a much smaller smoother scar.   For that, he said he was sorry.  I told him that all is good.  I have gotten used to the scar and I am okay with what it is representing.  Without this scar, there would not be a machine in me to keep me alive if my heart were to go into a bad rhythm.  I told him that while I appreciate the apology, it is not needed.  I go back in 6 months for another checkup with him.  Meanwhile I have had to postpone my regular cardiologist appointment because of scheduling conflicts with my husbands job.  I am not taking 3 kids to a doctor appointment.  Not on my to do list.  So that will happen at the end of May.  I think everything should go well with that visit too.  Maybe just an up in my medicine doses.